Countdown to Greenwich MM

Millennium Exhibition confirmed for Greenwich

Latest News, 18/6/96

Heritage Secretary Virginia Bottomley confirmed in a TV interview that Greenwich would definitely play host a National Millennium Exhibition. This announcement follows months of almost complete farce regarding the future of the original bid that received provisional acceptance back in late February 1996.

British Airways has confirmed it ia prepared to contribute around £7 million towards the proposals, the City of London have expressed an interest in a Pavilion based around the financial activities of the ‘Square Mile’ and Granada would be looking to raise significant amounts from the media and communications sector. In addition, the Chief Executive of British Airways would head up a new Company to run/co-ordinate the Exhibition.

This followed a meeting with Sir Peter Levene, Michael Heseltine and company heads who were already committed to making contributions. Previously, on 12/6/96, it was announced that it would be necessary to find sponsors willing to contribute & pound;12 million each towards the cost of each of the 12 Time Pavilions planned for the Exhibition.

Next steps would include site decontamination work and obtaining relevant planning permission from Greenwich Council. This is expected to be largely a formality owing to Greenwich’s support for the bid and the fact that the site is almost entirely derelict land.

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Last updated: 18/6/96