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Greenwich Phoenix are a professional initiative acting for the Docklands Light Railway Monitoring Group (DLRMG) which was set up by local communities along the planned route of the DLR extension from Lewisham. The campaign by the DLRMG to save Goddard’s famous eel pie shop and its neighbours in Greenwich Church Street resulted in a public enquiry being held in April 1997, although by October 1998 there had still been no final report from this. The Greenwich Phoenix team are committed to refurbishing all properties and integrating them into their proposed new site development at the Cutty Sark Station site.

Their proposals, put forward by Greenwich Phoenix at the end of January 1998 were, however, not chosen by English Partnerships, the new site owners, Instead, a plan by Centros-Miller was accepted, went before Greenwich Planning Committee in August 1998, and was given outline planning permission.

The strategy of Grrenwich Phoenix was to continue a thriving local economy by having a mixed use site that will include a high density housing development of about 100 homes. These flats would have ranged from luxury to low cost to replace the social housing lost as a result of the Cutty Sark Station site clearance.

Experience from around the world shows that re-populating the centre of Greenwich with car-free residents would also be putting into place the conditions that will allow an economy to grow which is catering for the daily needs of all, rather than just being geared up to the visitor market.

For more information, please contact;

DLR Monitoring Group
324 Creek Road, Greenwich, London SE10 9SW
Telephone: 0181 853 2248
Fax: 0181 853 2101

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