Millennium Site Cleanup

Work started early in June 1996 on decontamination work associated with the previous British Gas site that is to become the location of the UK’s Millennium Experience Exhibition.

The Exhibition is now certain to take place in Greenwich, despite all the ‘will-it, won’t it’ hype that occured right up until mid-January 1997 (and later). British Gas Properties announced that the first phase of decontamination work (now complete) would:

research to find out what was on the former gas works site

Now if British Gas, the previous owners (now transferred to English Partnerships), don’t know these facts about their old land and its history at this stage in the negotiations, then one has to wonder about the magnitude of this entire bungled affair. The company go on to report:

The next phases to make it (the site) safe will go ahead as the Exhibition is being built. The total remedial process may take as long as the site is being built, and depends on what they find there. For example that could mean digging out “hot spots” or using microscopic organisms.

It is to be hoped this reassures everyone… the workmen yet to be employed on the site.. future visitors…. etc…

Source: NewShopper, May 30 1996 with additions and updates.

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