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The first findings of an economic impact study on the benefits of the Dome and regeneration of the Greenwich Peninsula were released on October 23rd 1999.

The study, by The UK Research Partnership Ltd, says that more than 13,000 jobs are being created or protected by investment in the Dome and other developments in the Greenwich Peninsula.

Speaking at the Greenwich Peninsula Regeneration Conference at the Dome Preview Centre, Lord Falconer, Minister responsible for the Dome, said:

“The Dome is providing the catalyst for a massive expansion of jobs and wider economic benefits in what used to be a derelict wasteland. The investment has also brought jobs and new contracts to businesses throughout the UK”

The report was released on the same day as 120 new ‘Senior Hosts’ for the Dome started work, with hundreds more starting work in the following weeks.

Large parts of the Greenwich Peninsula were derelict for almost 20 years after the UK’s largest gasworks closed in 1978. Redevelopment of the 300 acre site by Greenwich Council and English Partnerships began in 1996, with construction work on the Dome starting in June 1997.

Since then, 878 people have already found work as direct employees of the New Millennium Experience Company.

Throughout the operational year a further 4,488 people will be employed to work at the Dome with an additional 49 jobs on the Transit Link from Charlton station to the Dome.

The report finds that:

6,067 people have been employed through contracts on the construction of the Dome. Of these, 2,739 were in the London and the Thames Gateway area, with 3,328 employed outside London, including 129 in the East Midlands, 63 in East Anglia, 156 in the North, 173 in the North West, 265 in Yorks and Humberside, 146 in the West Midlands, 101 in Wales, 75 in Scotland, 28 in Northern Ireland and 137 in South West England.

578 jobs have been created in the new Sainsbury’s development on the Peninsula, with 171 employed during its construction.

34 jobs have been created at the new Holiday Inn Express hotel, with 100 employed during construction.

150 jobs are being created at the UCI Cinema and restaurants, with 100 employed during construction.

32 jobs have been created at the North Greenwich transport interchange, with 240 employed during construction.

NMEC Chief Executive Jennie Page said:

“The Dome is making possible one of the most rapid recruitment campaigns ever seen. With the announcement that 120 new staff are starting work today, we now have 878 direct employees, a figure which will rise to 2,800 in the year 2000. In addition 3,000 staff will be employed by our contractors on site and we are providing a boost to construction, design and technical contractors throughout the UK.”

Ralph Luck, Development Director, English Partnerships, said:

“This is just the beginning for the Peninsula. Over the next few years a total of 6,500 long term jobs will be created in new office, industry, retails and leisure developments across the whole of this 300 acre site. The legacy of the project will be a lasting boost to this depressed are of London.”

Cllr Bob Harris, Deputy Leader of Greenwich Council, said:

“This is only the start – across the borough we expect as many as 25,000 jobs to be created in the coming seven years. The Dome is the heart of a redevelopment zone which is currently experiencing a dramatic transformation after decades of industrial and economic decline.

“The Council – by setting up Greenwich Local Labour and Business – has made sure local people get the benefit of this investment. We’re helping more than 1,000 local people into new jobs, while others have taken up new training opportunities and local firms have secured contracts. A major improvement in transport and other infrastructure will help to ensure that these benefits spread across the Borough and beyond.”

The economic impact of future developments at the new Royal Mail depot, the Millennium Village, the Central Business District and other business and housing schemes will be assessed in later reports.

The report finds that £596m in construction contracts have been awarded as a result of the redevelopment of the Peninsula, including £233m on the Dome involving 122 main contractors. Of these, contracts valued at £65m were awarded to companies in the London and Thames Gateway area, with contracts valued at £162m going to the rest of the UK and £6m going to EU and non-EU countries.

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