Millennium Dome Futures

Shortlist for Dome legacy Announced

The two third-stage choices were made on Tuesday May 16th 2000.

They are shown in bold below.

The Government originally unveiled six bidders for the final stages of the competition to find a sustainable and world-class future use for the Dome after the Millennium Experience closes at the end of 2000.

Ten outline proposals were considered by Ministers. Minister for the Dome, Lord Falconer, said: “All the bids we considered were of a very high quality, reflecting the weight which the market attaches to this exciting project. The competition has clearly fired the imagination of major developers and operators, both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

“It really demonstrates the way in which the Dome has established itself as a national and international icon, and shows the potential which it has to continue to be a major asset for the United Kingdom well beyond the end of the Millennium celebrations.”

Regeneration Minister Hilary Armstrong said: “English Partnerships, the Government’s regeneration agency, has transformed one of the largest tracts of derelict land in Europe into an inspirational setting for the Millennium celebrations at the Dome. The proposals emerging from this competition, together with the nearby Greenwich Millennium Village and associated developments and the key public transport improvements put in place, will take forward the major regeneration of this area.”

The Government expects to select the winning proposal in the late summer.

More detailed information, including financial offers, will be sought from the six remaining bidders. It is expected that two, or at most three, of the bids will be chosen to present their proposals in full detail before a winner is chosen by Ministers.

The competition to find a long-term use for the Dome was launched in March 1999.

The Final Six

The proposals, together with the lead organisations, are:

International Merchandise and Cultural Centre

A global one-stop shop for the exchange of goods, services and tourism promotions, linked to technology, educational entertainment and leisure. The Dome content includes a series of nation offices/showcases, an ‘ideas centre’ and a Cybertainment centre to showcase the evolution of ideas and milestones in history. Proposals include 120 acres of associated land to form ‘Meridian City’ comprising commercial, leisure, retail, education, residential and hospitality. Anticipates 14.5 to 20 million visitors a year.

Team: A consortium comprising Country Heights Holdings Berhad, Sunrise Berhad and Maccon Investment Holdings (Property) Ltd.


A predominantly workspace scheme comprising offices and workshops, supported by leisure and retail uses to create a High Tech Industrial Campus. Propose a phased transition from the Millennium Experience to a flexible workspace/business centre over a 24 month period. Concept may include residential components within the Dome to create an integrated community space. Accommodated within the 48 acre Dome site.

Team: Robert Bourne

Sports Dome

The ‘World’s Greatest Sports Experience’ to establish London as the world’s capital city for sport. Proposals for the Dome include the largest collection of popular and minority sports under one roof in the world, sports-oriented visitor attractions, and an indoor 22,000-seat arena. Propose to create a ‘Peninsula City’ on 120 acres of associated land comprising a sports Institute, educational facilities, sports-oriented retail, leisure and tourism, a business park, hotel and convention centre and residential, based around a new civic square. Anticipates 1.75 to 4 million visitors per annum.

Team: A consortium comprising John Taylor International Ltd, Colleard Grovesnor, Price Nicholson and Chelsfield plc.

City of the Future

A theme park centred on technology, taking visitors on a journey into the City of the Future and including product showcasing. Features the most comprehensive ride mix available in any one park in Europe, the largest covered waterpark in Europe and the most sophisticated, immersive multi-media experience in the world. Propose retaining various Millennium Experience zones. Proposals extend to 120 acres of associated land comprising a convention centre, hotels, retail and a science park. Anticipates six to 12 million visitors per annum.

Team: Monex Leisure LTD and MEPC plc

Greenwich Media World

A high profile mixed use leisure and business destination with a focus on media, communications and branding. Propose to redevelop the Dome as ‘Media City’ to comprise a flexible auditorium, high-tech
leisure and an educational facility focusing on the coverging worlds of film and television, communications and the Internet. Propose to develop 120 acres of associated land to include a convention centre and hotel, International Trade Centre, science and technology park,
film production studios, Sports World Leisure Park, retail and live/work residential. Anticipate two million visitors per annum to Media City.

Team: A consortium comprising Peli Frischmann, London Merchant Securities, Sir Robert McAlpine, WestLB Panmure Ltd and The Tussauds Group.

Dome Europe

An innovative leisure, business and technology destination for Europe. Propose continuing the Millennium Experience with a rolling programme of renewal and replacement of zones. Also includes product showcasing, retail and a permanent performance space and a ‘virtual hub’ for a range of community and web-based activities. Proposals include 15 acres of associated land.

Team: Principal Finance Group, Normura International.

Source: Greenwich Peninsula News, Spring 2000

Published by English Partnerships

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